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Building trust and preparing for your return to our kitchen

With the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19), the world has changed. People around the world we re forced to change plans and postpone their hard-earned desired vacations to Portugal. But we will be back (no pun intended)! Eventually we will find a way to return to a new “normality” and carry on with our lives and our plans. With that on mind, the team at Compadre Cooking School has been working hard to prepare for your return to our kitchen!

Measures taken to provide you with a safe cooking class in Lisbon

Fortunately, Portugal has had a quick response to the virus. Both the government and the population have been following the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to contain the spread of COVID19 with a degree of great success. International media reports have not been indifferent to this, as you can read here on DER SPIEGEL link here or BUSINESS INSIDER link here. But the efforts made go beyond on a response to the virus himself, and also target a preparation for the post COVID times ahead. TURISMO DE PORTUGAL, the Portuguese governmental tourism association, has released several comprehensive guidelines in how to adapt commercial touristic spaces to host clients on a near future on a safe and trustworthy way. Even FORBES has talked about it!

Online Cooking Classes, from the safety of your kitchen

We miss hosting people from all over the world in our Compadre Cooking School. But for those who do not have an opportunity to visit Portugal on a near future, we have recently launched our Online Cooking Classes! This way you can enjoy a fun hands-on cooking class from the safety of your kitchen. Just check our available classes here

Clean & Safe at Compadre Cooking School

Following the WHO and Turismo de Portugal guidelines this are the measures we have taken to prepare for your visit to our cooking school:


Every staff member had to undergo a specific training in how to act according to the COVID-19 safety guidelines.


Maximum guest capacity was reduced, following Portuguese national health agency (DGS) recommendation. This will enable guests to have a secure social distancing space between them. Every dish and process will be made individually (or by each individual group) without sharing of any ingredient or utensil.


Every class will start with a quick informative training for our guests, in how to comply with the safety norms. All this information will be also available to everyone and placed in our board.


Our new internal cleaning protocol will follow DGS recommendations with disinfection and cleaning of all surfaces used several times a day, aprons washed at a minimum of 70 degrees Celsius and others.  The use of face mask is mandatory, and in case you don´t have one, we can arrange a disposable one for the cost of €1 (one euro). Disposable gloves are supplied for each guest as well as alcoholic solutions for hand sanitization on entrance.


Just check our available Online and live classes here.

If you have any questions about our classes or Clean and Safe process just contact us, using the button below