What is Compadre Cooking School?

Compadre Cooking School offers the most immersive hands-on cooking classes and activities in Portugal. Compadre Cooking School prepared its venue to provide you an amazing cooking class/activity, where you will hear great stories, learn new culinary skills, and the most important of all, have fun!

What do I need to bring to the class?

You do not need to bring anything besides an empty stomach! However, we strongly recommend you wear comfortable shoes that are sturdy and closed-toed. We provide lockers for you to store your belongings. Hangers are also available for your coats.
Our Compadre Cooking School is fully equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and crockery, so you can just come and start cooking. Aprons, recipes and food all will also be provided to you.

Is there a toilet nearby?

Yes, we have a ladies and a gentleman’s toilets at our venue.

Are your classes hands-on or demonstrations?

All our classes/activities are hands-on. On occasion, we will host special events where special guests may demonstrate their recipes or techniques, so please read the description of the class/activity you’re registering for.

Can I bring my knives to the Knife Skills and knife sharpening Classes?

You most certainly can bring your own favorite knives if you wish, however, you do not need to.

Do I need to eat before the class?

Please bring an empty stomach, as you will get the chance to try out your own creations! (others may share their own, but at their own free will).

I lost my recipes books can I get a copy?

Yes, we can send you a copy to your e-mail, just request your copy and let us know which class you attended.