Worlds most decadent sandwich, the Francesinha

Are you crazy about meat, cheese, and gravy? You came to the right place! Meet the world’s most decadent sandwich, the Francesinha!

This Portuguese beast sandwich is not for the faint of heart. It is a one of a kind that will make your taste buds dance.
Join us online using Zoom and take a bite on a Frenchie that we will cook together for one hour and half. And everything from the safety of your kitchen. By the end of this workshop you will have your beast sandwich tamed and ready to eat!

Hands on online cooking class on how to prepare the Francesinha sandwich from Portugal

We will share and show you step by step how to prepare this beauty from scratch, following the traditional recipe that will make you drool. Vibrant, pungent, marvelous gravy, cheese, and meat that will up your lunch game to the next level.

We will use everyday kitchen utensils and easily obtainable ingredients. This cooking experience is suitable for everyone (not exactly diet friendly), and after the booking you will receive a guide containing all the necessary information to participate in this sandwich extravaganza!

If you are not too fond of any particular meat or even cheese, do not worry because we can adapt to cater to everyone’s taste!

So you will get:
– An online cooking class with the Portuguese Compadres!
– Step by step demonstration on how to prepare the famous Portuguese Francesinha
– An insight about this dish history and its humble origins
– Skills necessary to make a killer gravy sauce
– List of all the ingredients needed (ahead of time), and after the class the full recipe in PDF.

Please note that the traditional Portuguese Francesinha uses cheese, milk and pork, beef meat. If you have any food restrictions, contact us before hand.

For us to interact with each guest, we will limit the active participation per booking for one person only. Feel free to invite others to watch and help you out (and eat!) but due to organization and time constraints we will only assist one participant per booking.

By booking this class, you agree to our terms and conditions.

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Online Portuguese Francesinha languages: English

Location: This is a online cooking class, but we will be streaming on our Kitchen at Compadre Cooking School in Lisbon

Class menu: Learn how to prepare step by step the original recipe for the Portuguese Francesinha sandwich

Duration: 1h30 (class schedule times are on local London/Lisbon timezone)

Class online attendance: 10 maximum (in case you have a larger group please contact us)

Note: Contact us on if you wish to book this class as a private event or team building.


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