Hands-on Portuguese Cooking Class

A 3 hour hands-on cooking class on traditional Portuguese food

Step in our beautiful cooking school, for a hands-on cooking class and cook your own authentic Portuguese meal.

Get to know the story behind the recipes and ingredients passed down through generations. Discover the secrets of Portuguese culinary tradition with us!

Cooking classes for every skill level

Cook your own dishes (don´t worry, we will walk you through). A fun activity for everyone, from amateurs to home chef’s.

Because if there is one thing Portugal is good at, that is making food! Cooking is an important part of our culture, history and everyday life. Around the table we gather friends, family, strangers on fun, tasty sessions of sharing some of the most diverse food that our country has to offer.

Come alone, with your family or friends, the only requirement is that you bring an empty stomach.

* A 3-hour cooking class;

* Learn 3 different dishes (one starter, one main fish dish and one main meat dish)

* Included Tea, coffee and wine included (Portuguese of course!)

* Your own kitchen station (not a show cooking or shared kitchen)

*Dont worry about memorizing everystep of the class, we will send you all the recipes after, for you to pratice and amaze everyone at home


In the end you will take home a truly unique experience to share with everyone, cooking skills that you can use again and the recipes for all the dishes you prepared.

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Time Left

Unlimited tickets


Portuguese Cooking Class languages: English and Portuguese

Location: At our venue

Class menu: Learn how to prepare step by step a 3-course traditional Portuguese meal how this cooking class. Wine, water and homemade ice tea included.

Languages: English and portuguese

Duration: 3h00

Class attendance: 12 participants maximum (in case you have a larger group please contact us)

Note: Portuguese traditional food is not vegetarian and vegan friendly. We advise you to contact us through before booking a class if you have any food allergy and/or restriction.


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