Pastel de Nata, learn to make your own!

Are you ready to make your own Pastel de Nata?

Join us, at our beautiful kitchen, where we will show you how to prepare world´s tastiest tart (we like to think so!), on a complete hands-on cooking class!

A hands-on Pastel de Nata cooking lesson

Learn the secrets of the Portuguese egg tart and take them home with you and amaze all your family and friends!

As proud Portuguese’s, we will honor our ancestors on a fun 2-hour session.
Ow, and have we mentioned that you will also learn another typical treat? Yes, a perfect two-for-one! So, what are you waiting? Come and cook with us!

*Two different recipes (Pastel de Nata and another traditional snack);
*Tea and coffee;
*Don’t worry about memorizing every step of the class, we will send you all the recipes after, for you to practice and amaze everyone at home!

We will give you the opportunity to cook these famous Portuguese recipes, always explaining the origins and stories behind them.

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Pastel de nata cooking class languages: English and Portuguese

Location: At our venue

Class menu: Learn how to and prepare a Pastel de Nata (Portuguese Egg tart) and another typical treat. Water and homemade ice tea included.

Duration: 2h00

Languages: English and Portuguese

Class attendance: 12 maximum (in case you have a larger group please contact us)

Note: Portuguese traditional food is not vegetarian or vegan friendly. We advise you to contact us through before buying booking a class, if you have any food allergy and/or restriction.


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